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CDR Repowering Rig

How It Works

The best practice for obtaining crash data from a vehicle’s event data recorder (EDR) is through the data link connector (DLC) typically mounted under the dash. In many instances when conducting vehicle crash data retrieval (CDR), a vehicle’s electrical system has been compromised. Alternatively, the ignition may be damaged or there might not be an ignition key available.

In the past a CDR Technician would be left with no option other than to connect directly to the module. The use of a repowering rig allows the CDR Technician to supply a source of 12-volts directly to the airbag control module. This allows the technician to still image the module through the DLC.

In some instances there might not be sufficient in-car power to supply power to the CDR Interface Module. In this case it would be necessary to supply an external source of power to both the CDR Interface Module, and the CDR Repowering Rig. This would require the use of a Y-adaptor or the deluxe model of the CDR Repowering Rig which has a built-in 12-volt receptacle.

  • The use of this method significantly increases your chances of imaging a module via the DLC.
  • It lessens the potential of adding/overwriting airbag related diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).
  • It allows for imaging when you might not have the correct direct-to-module cable.
  • With this method you do not need an ignition key.

Each CDR Repowering Rig kit includes a set of four fuse block adaptors which will fit Micro2, Mini, Micro3 and ATO automotive fuse sockets.

Note: You must supply your own 12-volt source of power. This method will not work for repowering power-train control modules (PCM).

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